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Leader Box – A Disruptive HR Toolkit

Developed by Disruptive HR, the Leader Box is an app which contains three ‘Boxes’. Each Box contains cards with the tips, questions, conversation, or meeting starters for leaders to:

  • Help their people improve their performance
  • Make their people feel valued and appreciated
  • Provide great career advice and get/retain great talent
  • Create an inclusive environment
  • Generate more innovation
  • And lots more

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The three boxes included within the Leader Box app are:

A Box of Conversations
Tips and conversation starters to help with the four types of conversation every team leader needs to have:

  • The check-in conversation
  • The career conversation
  • The pay and bonus conversation
  • The difficult conversation

A Box of Meetings
Tips and meetings starters to give you everything you need to run the following meetings:

  • Objective setting meetings
  • Communication meetings
  • Team performance reviews
  • Talent discussions
  • Innovation sessions
  • Diversity and inclusion discussions
  • Pay and bonus discussions
  • Team learning sessions
  • Succession planning
  • Collaboration sessions

A Box of Questions
Tips and a range of questions to help team leaders to:

  • Provide great coaching
  • Check out how engaged your team is
  • Recruit great people
  • Retain your best people
  • Provide great careers advice
  • Ensure the health and well-being of your team

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