Leader Box – A Practical Toolkit for Leaders


Leader Box is an app from Disruptive HR which contains tips and hints to help leaders:-

  • have great conversations
  • run better meetings
  • ask the right questions

Scroll down for more detail on the content!

The three boxes included within the Leader Box app are:

A Box of Conversations
Tips and conversation starters to help with the four types of conversation every team leader needs to have:

  • The check-in conversation
  • The career conversation
  • The pay and bonus conversation
  • The difficult conversation

A Box of Meetings
Tips and meetings starters to give you everything you need to run the following meetings:

  • Objective setting meetings
  • Communication meetings
  • Team performance reviews
  • Talent discussions
  • Innovation sessions
  • Diversity and inclusion discussions
  • Pay and bonus discussions
  • Team learning sessions
  • Succession planning
  • Collaboration sessions

A Box of Questions
Tips and a range of questions to help team leaders to:

  • Provide great coaching
  • Check out how engaged your team is
  • Recruit great people
  • Retain your best people
  • Provide great careers advice
  • Ensure the health and well-being of your team

How do I download my Leader Box App?

All the instructions on how to download your Leader Box app can be found on your order confirmation email. If you don’t get the email – check your spam – they have a habit of ending up there!

I use Chrome on my iPhone how do I add the button to my screen?

You can add the Leader Box app to your homescreen through the shortcuts menu on your iPhone.

I bought Leader Box but can’t login?

If you are a Club member, your Leader Box login is different to your Club login and you need to register and follow the checkout process to use it.  Details on how to download your free copy can be found here.

If you have purchased a multi-licence you will need to distribute your licences including one to yourself through the Account Area.  Instructions on how to do this are in your order confirmation email or you can find them here. (link to leader box instructions)

If you have purchased a single licence, instructions on how to download are on your confirmation email and you can login using the email and password you registered with.

If you are still having problems, please get in touch hello@disruptivehr.com

Is the charge repeated annually?

No, the cost is a one-off for the licence(s) which you own.

How do I distribute my Leader Box multi-licences?

You can distribute your Leader Box licences through the Account Area, click on licences and add the details.  Your team member will receive an email notification confirming they have a licence and instructions on how to download the app.  You can also add the download link from the account area to your website and your team members can download directly.

What is the difference between a Single & Multi licence?

There is no difference to the content between the licenses.  The multi licences allows you to purchase for your team or organisation and distribute these out or you can add a link to your website for people to download themselves.

Can we co-brand with our company logo?

Yes, the cost to add your own company logo is £200 or free if you order 100+ licences.  Contact us at hello@disruptivehr.com and we can talk it through with you.

I’ve bought a multi-licence how do I add a link to Leader Box to my intranet site?

In the Account Area there is a link that you can add to your intranet site.  As long as you always purchase from the same account you can use the same link for multiple purchases.

My intranet link isn’t working anymore?

Ensure that you still have Leader Box licences available in the Account Area.  If you have none left, you can purchase more.

If you have bought additional multi-licences from a different account, you will need to add the new link to the intranet site.

How do I buy more Leader Box licences?

Login to your Account Area and you can purchase more.

How do I know how many multi licences I have left?

Login to the Account Area and on the licences tab it will tell you how many licenses you have remaining at the top.

How will people know when they have been issued a licence?

An automatic email will be sent to anyone issued a Leader Box licence along with download instructions. You might want to remind them to check their spam, in case it doesn’t show up automatically.

Can I transfer licences to a different user?

Yes, the account manager can manage licences in the Account Area.

I can’t login with my Disruptive HR Club login details.

Leader Box is a different product and you need to purchase Leader Box to use it.  As a Club member you can download a single licence for Leader Box for free.

Can I view Leader Box on my laptop?

Yes, you can login to Leader Box on any device using the website leaderbox.disruptivehr.com and using your login details.

I have an old iPhone how to do I add the button to my homescreen?

You can still add your button to the homescreen you just need to swipe along to find the add to homescreen button.

I still can’t access Leader Box what should I do?

Please email hello@disruptivehr.com.

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