Delivered by Lucy Adams and Karen Moran, founders of Disruptive HR, our in-house workshops are a popular choice for HR teams that are keen to change outdated HR practices but are looking for a bit of external inspiration and practical support to get things going!

What you can expect from our workshops:

  • Fresh thinking and challenges
  • Mulitple real-life examples
  • Insights and the very latest trends
  • How to guides/toolkits

We can deliver workshops on a range of HR topics, but to give you a flavour here are our most popular requests:

  • The post-pandemic workplace
  • Performance Management
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Talent Management/Career development

We’ve been running virtual workshops with HR teams across the world including Viacom, Babcock, Accenture, Miba, Ocado, and many more.


If you'd like to talk to us about running one for your team, please let us know below


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  • New Approaches to Health & Wellbeing
    1 hour
    19 May 2021
    £ 129.00 (+VAT)
  • New Approaches to Onboarding
    1 hour
    27 May 2021
    £ 129.00 (+VAT)
  • New Approaches to Employment Policy
    1 hour
    3 June 2021
    £ 129.00 (+VAT)
  • New Approaches to Leadership Development
    1 hour
    15 June 2021
    £ 120.00 (+VAT)
  • New Approaches to the Future of HR
    1 hour
    24 June 2021
    £ 129.00 (+VAT)
  • Making Change Happen
    1 hour
    7 July 2021
    £ 129.00 (+VAT)
  • New Approaches to Comms & Engagement
    1 hour
    20 July 2021
    £ 147.56 (+VAT)

Why choose us?

  • Fresh thinking and challenges
  • Multiple real-life examples
  • Insights and the latest trends
  • Step by step guides
  • Examples from HR innovators
  • Tools and resources
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