Investing in for our employees’ health and wellbeing is clearly a good thing. Particularly now, when the pandemic is creating additional pressures in our already stressful lives. However, as with many employment initiatives, Health and Wellbeing can tend towards being patronising and fail to address the real causes of poor health and wellbeing.

  • Traditional approaches to health and wellbeing and why they need to change
  • What actually helps our people to feel good – be productive, energised and resilient
  • New trends and approaches to health and wellbeing – with lots of practical examples
  • How leaders can do it differently and toolkits to support them
  • The latest tech to support you

Our traditional approaches to onboarding had already been challenged even before lockdown. In this training session, we will share why it needs to change and how companies are re-thinking onboarding and achieving the same – or maybe even better outcomes!

  • Why traditional approaches to onboarding must finally change?
  • Managers’ role in onboarding
  • Practical examples of how you can onboard differently
  • How to give your new starters a great experience
  • The best tech products on the market for onboarding

How great would it be if we trusted our employees to do the right thing instead of having cumbersome policies listing out every detail of what they can and can’t do? Changing your approach to employment policy may seem the hardest thing to do but it’s a great place to start making changes. In this webinar you will:

  • Find out how to move away from rules and long-winded polices
  • Discover the new trends in policy and find out how they could work for you
  • Look at how you can reduce your focus on ER/Operations
  • Learn how to give your employee handbook a makeover
  • Practical ideas to help managers and employees cope with fewer rules

The role of the Leader was already facing disruption prior to COVID-19, however, the pandemic has shaken the business world to the point where leaders must adapt if they, their teams and their businesses, are to survive and thrive. What does this mean for leadership development in 2021?

  • Why traditional leadership development needs to change
  • What are the skills and attributes of a great leader in 2021
  • How leaders prefer to learn
  • New trends and approaches to leadership development – with lots of practical examples
  • Toolkits to support them

Delivering a fresh approach to HR following this crisis means taking a long hard look at ourselves – let’s grab the opportunity while we can! This webinar will focus on changes we can make to our structure, our skills, and the way we deliver that will increase our credibility, efficiency, and the quality of what we do.

  • The traditional vs the new HR
  • The critical skills and capabilities
  • How to reduce our focus on ER/Operations
  • How we can structure ourselves for greater impact
  • New and more agile ways of delivering HR

We can all probably reflect on change management programmes that have failed, so it's no wonder that when we launch another initiative we hear the groans ... 'Oh no, not again!' We can do it so much better! We'll show you how to build a high impact case for change, use marketing techniques to get your change comms right and adopt agile design to be more effective.

In this webinar we will give you lots of practical ideas and tools to make change happen, including:

  • The common pitfalls of Change Management – and how to avoid them!
  •   A deeper insight about why humans find change hard and how we can use this knowledge to try new  approaches.
  •   Our unique ‘8 Steps to making change happen’

We’ve spent tons of money and effort on improving engagement but it remains fairly static. In this webinar we look at how to change your approach to one that really works.

  • Trends in engagement and examples of what you can do differently
  • Key engagement drivers and how to measure
  • Equipping leaders with great internal communication techniques
  • Alternatives to the annual engagement survey
  • Digital apps and approaches other organisations are taking to get better insights

What you can expect from our workshops

  • Fresh thinking and challenges
  • Multiple real-life examples
  • Insights and the latest trends
  • Step by step guides
  • Examples from HR innovators
  • Tools and resources
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