Join us for live training sessions on new approaches to different aspects of HR. Each session is packed with content that will inspire you and give you practical help to make it happen.

Delivered by Lucy Adams and Karen Moran, founders of Disruptive HR.

Free to Disruptive HR Club Members (£299 per year) or £129 per webinar for Non-Club Members.

The traditional annual appraisal is increasingly criticised as a negative, time-consuming, and outmoded way of managing performance. Find out how you can change your approach to something that is modern, human and of course works in a hybrid organisation.

  • The case for changing traditional performance management 
  • Examples of new process lite approaches 
  • How to get rid of ratings but keep bonuses 
  • An example of an approach you could take
  • How to make the change happen, including our PM Diagnostic and how to engage your people 
  • Practical ways to help your leaders to do it bette

An ‘always growing’ culture has never been more critical if your organisation is going to thrive in today's world. In this webinar you will discover new ways of designing and delivering learning that are not just more appealing, but will give you better results, including:

  • What’s new in Learning & Development
  • How we can move to an ‘always growing’ culture
  • Fresh approaches and trends including making it employee owned, broader learning experiences that are in the flow of work & social 
  • Working differently in L&D including product design and going agile
  • Helping leaders encourage learning
  • The latest L&D tech  

It's never been more critical, but despite significant investment and lots of effort, traditional diversity practices are not yielding results. Find out how innovative organisations are tackling it differently and learn practical ideas to become an inclusive workplace

  • Why traditional diversity, Inclusion and Belonging practices struggle to make an impact
  • Why inclusion makes business sense 
  • Trends for implementing Inclusion 
  • How to use data and insights to improve Inclusion
  • Making hiring and talent management more inclusive 
  • Strategies to help your managers lead & engage in a more inclusive way

We’ve spent tons of money and effort on improving engagement, but it remains fairly static. In this webinar we look at how to change your approach to one that really works.

  • Trends in engagement and examples of what you can do differently
  • Key engagement drivers and how to measure
  • Equipping leaders with great internal communication techniques
  • Alternatives to the annual engagement survey
  • Digital apps and approaches other organisations are taking to get better insights

Hear about the latest trends in talent management and discover practical ways to make it more relevant for today.

  • Hear why traditional talent management doesn’t work
  • Explore the new trends and find out how they could work for you
  • Find out about the alternatives to the competency framework
  • What’s new in Succession Planning 
  • Learn how to encourage more talent movement – without the process!

We can all probably reflect on change management programmes that have failed, so it's no wonder that when we launch another initiative we hear the groans ... 'Oh no, not again!' We can do it so much better! We'll show you how to build a high impact case for change, use marketing techniques to get your change comms right and adopt agile design to be more effective.

In this webinar we will give you lots of practical ideas and tools to make change happen, including: 

  • The common pitfalls of Change Management – and how to avoid them!
  • A deeper insight about why humans find change hard and how we can use this knowledge to try new approaches. 
  • Our unique ‘8 Steps to making change happen’

What you can expect from our workshops

  • Fresh thinking and challenges
  • Multiple real-life examples
  • Insights and the latest trends
  • Step by step guides
  • Examples from HR innovators
  • Tools and resources