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The latest bestseller aims to give every HR professional the complete toolkit to make the changes they want. Workable strategies for getting your own HR team ready, preparing the ground in your organisation, designing your change and implementing it effectively. This second book gives you the HOW as well as the WHAT. With a free downloadable workbook to help you.

“Loved it! It’s my ‘go-to’ HR resource”
“Fresh perspective, simple and practical ideas – a must-read”
“Practical and really easy to read. Loved it”

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The original bestseller that took the HR world by storm!

Find out why HR needs to change to remain relevant and how to do it through the unique EACH model (Employees as Adults, Consumers and Human Beings). A book to inspire you and give you the practical tools to deliver.

“Best HR book in a long time!”
“A must-read for any HR professional”
“Just brilliant!”

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