Leader Box - A Practical Toolkit for Leaders

Leader Box is an app from Disruptive HR containing three ‘Boxes’. Each Box contains cards with tips, questions, conversations, or meeting starters for team leaders to help their people improve their performance, create an inclusive environment, generate more innovation and lots more.

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With over 2000 members, the Disruptive HR Club gives you all the training resources you need to change HR. Gain access to our exclusive content on the latest HR trends and innovative practices normally only accessible through our workshops and consultancy. Choose from videos, webinars, podcasts, and ‘how to guides’ covering a range of subjects from L&D to Performance Management.

Our Best Selling Books

It’s time for something different. Our bestsellers. Available now. The world of HR is changing and Lucy is here to help you navigate your journey to a brand new way of thinking.

EACH © HR Diagnostic

Ready to start taking things forward? A valuable insight into how you treat your employees as Adults, Consumers, and Human beings and more importantly, how you could improve in each area.