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Should we bother with 360 feedback?

360 was traditionally seen as the best form of feedback, but isn't it just a waste of time? This blog discusses why we shouldn't bother with it.


Why traditional performance management doesn’t work!

Annual objectives, once a year feedback and a rating. These traditional performance management tools belong to another era.


How to change our thinking in HR

Creating the head space to re-think your approach to HR can be hard. This blog provides some tips on changing our thinking in HR.


Be fair, not consistent

Fairness is NOT the same as consistency and, in some cases – being consistent actually creates MORE unfairness.


It’s time to leave your (HR) job when …

Given that many of us don't love the HR role that we are in, when should we know it's time to change jobs? This blog looks at the four red flags that should tell us to dust off the CV.


We are not your family

We are not our employees’ family. We never have been. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s healthy.


Ditch your probation period!

We spend a lot of money recruiting someone and then put them into this probation period which has such negative connotations. Isn't it time to do something different and ditch probation?


Great HR is Messy!

The HR leaders who are having the most impact are those who have the courage to avoid the neat processes and instead, offer light-touch, agile and less perfect solutions to the challenges we face.


Let’s stop compensating for poor managers

Whilst our desire to compensate for poor managers comes from a good intent, we can end up making things worse. In this blog we look at how we can stop compensating for poor managers.

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