Lucy Adams
January 8, 2024
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HR has believed what we’ve been told about performance management for decades. We have believed the accepted wisdom that if we want managers to take care of people performance, then they have to:

  • Set annual objectives for their team – that cascade from the senior team and are ideally SMART
  • Review these objectives once a year and give each team member a rating out of five. Or sometimes a statement like ‘meets expectations’.

Yet despite telling managers that this will lead to higher performance and despite trying numerous wheezes to get them to do it well (like automating it, putting it all on one page or providing a guided distribution of ratings that they have to comply with), we are still left with the awful truth that
traditional performance reviews don’t work. They simply don’t drive better performance or higher motivation.

So, traditional performance management is costly. It takes up lots of our time. And over 80% of us don’t believe it helps with our performance nor find it motivating. And yet we still do it. Every single year. The annual performance review.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that 87% of HR leaders are considering making changes to this tired old process. But where do you start? What are the options for making changes? And how do you take your leaders and employees with you? The team at Disruptive HR have put together this comprehensive guide to help you answer these questions. It will take you through the key trends in performance management and choosing the approach that’s right for you. More importantly, perhaps, it will give you insights into how you can convince leaders that the time for change has come and provide tools and tips to build manager and employee confidence and capabilities. Finally, it will explore some of the worries we may have about swapping our old system for something new – and provide you with ways of
addressing them.

Download your FREE Complete Guide to Changing Performance Management here.

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