Welcome to the Disruptive HR BP Programme
22 October 2020 @ 1pm BST

  • How to get the most from the programme
  • An introduction to your seminar group
  • An overview of each section
  • Initial pre-work
  • Q&A’s

Introduction and the new role of the HRBP
5 November 2020 @ 1pm GMT

  • Evaluate your current capability
  • How to build credibility and capability as a HRBP
  • Moving away from operations/ER
  • Understanding the behaviours, skills and attitudes that will make you successful
  • Effective HR structures
  • How to work differently and save money
  • Working in a more agile way
  • Exploring where you’re currently at with our diagnostic toolkit

The new HR Trends and changing world of work
3 December 2020 @ 1pm GMT

  • The disruptions to organisations and the implications for HR
  • The EACH model (employees as adults, consumers and human beings)
  • Applying the EACH model in different cultures
  • Implications of Covid-19 on workplace dynamics
  • Policy design for an agile world
  • The balance between customisation and standardisation
  • The role and skill set of leaders in the new world and how to support them
  • How digital technology is impacting the way we work and the implications for HR

HRBP and the Employee Experience
7 January 2021 @ 1pm GMT

  • Learn how to build experiences that are designed around your employees’ real needs and wants
  • How to build and use data and insights on employee experience
  • Find ways to identify, create and use your employee persona
  • Understand how to customise HR
  • Discover how to build your employee experience to reflect your brand
  • Learn how to create compelling ‘moments that matter’ 

HRBP and Performance and Reward
4 February 2021 @ 1pm GMT

  • Emerging performance management trends
  • Practical examples of what you can do differently
  • A new total performance framework that’s fit for the future
  • How to train and support your managers
  • The emerging trends in reward
  • How to reward different types of people
  • Supporting managers to help their teams feel appreciated

HRBP and Talent Management 
4 March 2021 @ 1pm GMT

  • Hear about a new way of thinking about Talent Management
  • How to move away from the dreaded 9 box grid and what you can do instead
  • Ditch your leadership competency model and focus on new leadership attributes and development ideas
  • Simple but effective ways to move people and develop careers around your organisation
  • How to build Diversity and Inclusion into talent management
  • How to support your leaders through a change in approach

Making change happen
1 April 2021 @ 1pm GMT

  • Using data and insights to create your action plan
  • Convincing and influencing stakeholders
  • Working with leaders to get buy in
  • Using design thinking and behavioural techniques to make your impact
  • Learning from consumer marketing to sell your ideas
  • How to adapt agile design methods to HR
  • How to pilot and experiment effectively

*Recordings available 

Each of the six modules includes pre-course work, masterclass, group seminar and a practical assignment and signposted resources from the Club to work on in your own time.

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