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Delivered by Disruptive HR’s Lucy Adams and Karen Moran this will inspire you and give you the practical tools and skills to do HR differently.  

Designed so that you can learn in your own time and at your own pace. Blitz it, take several weeks or spread it over a year. Whatever works for you.

You also get 12 months membership of The Disruptive HR Club.

The programme is ideal for anyone in HR who wants to make change happen, but previous attendees have been HR Business Partners, Heads of HR, Heads of Talent, Heads of Employee Experience.

Discounts available for 5 or more team bookings. In-house delivery options available.

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The Disruptive HR Programme£ 1,299.00 (+VAT)

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Refund Policy: Refunds up to 30 days before event
Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Short content webinars to work through in your own time and at your own pace
  • Each webinar contains a practical assignment to apply the ideas and help  embed the new insights
  • Regular live meet and discuss sessions hosted by Lucy and Karen to answer your questions and to help you put your learning into practice
  • A dedicated chat room to share your progress, ask questions and network with other attendees
  • 12 months free Disruptive HR Club Membership – full access to lots of supporting content on every area of HR
  • A Disruptive HR Programme Certificate on completion
The Programme Schedule:

Series 1.  Your Role with Leaders
  • We will explain the factors driving change in HR and the way we lead our people and introduce you to our EACH model (Employees as Adults, Consumers and Human beings) that we’ll use as a framework for the remainder of the programme.
  • Hiring. How we can move away from being the hiring process experts to how to help your organisation become a talent magnet, shake up your selection process, put the candidate experience first and how you can help hiring managers do it better.
  • Onboarding. Our traditional approaches to onboarding had already been challenged even before lockdown, but in this session we will share why it needs to change and how companies are re-thinking their new joiners and achieving the same – or maybe even better outcomes!
  • Performance Management. Hear about the latest thinking that takes you away from the dreaded annual appraisal and all the tools you will need to support your leaders get the best from their team.
  • Talent Management. If you’re frustrated by traditional approaches to Talent Management and future leader development, this webinar will give you plenty of fresh thinking about how to do it differently, including alternatives to the 9 box grid and high potential programmes.
  • Reward & Recognition. Are we getting what we need from traditional reward and recognition approaches? We will take you through the very latest and more creative trends including re-thinking the bonus, rewarding more frequently, and personalised rewards.
  • Health & Wellbeing. We tend to have a parental and reactive approach to health and wellbeing where we try to look after or protect our people.  We will take you through what actually drives health and wellbeing and how we can create an environment where our people feel in control of their own health and wellbeing.
  • D&I. Despite significant investment and lots of effort, traditional diversity and inclusion practices are not yielding results. Find out how innovative organisations are tackling it differently and learn practical ideas that you can implement in your organisation.
  • Learning & Development. An ‘always growing’ culture has never been more critical if your organisation is going to innovate and thrive. In this session you will discover new ways of designing and delivering learning that are not just more appealing but will give you better results.
Series 2.  Your Role in the Organisation
  • Employee Experience.  The latest HR trend, but what is it and what is it trying to achieve?  This webinar will take you through how you can create experiences designed around your people’s real needs and wants, including eight steps to delivering it.  
  • The Future Workplace. We will look at the changing workplace including what we have learned from the pandemic and why organisations are using it as an opportunity to rethink their approach for good. Discover how to make your solution work for you.
  • Making Change Happen.  We will give you lots of practical ideas and tools to make change happen, including how to avoid the common pitfalls and give you a deeper insight about why humans find change hard and how we can use this knowledge to try new approach.
Series 3.  You and Your Skills
  • The new skills for HR. This webinar will focus on changes we can make to our structure, our skills, and the way we deliver that will increase our credibility, efficiency, and the quality of what we do.
  • Moving away from ER.  How great would it be if we trusted our employees to do the right thing instead of having cumbersome policies listing out every detail of what they can and can’t do? Changing your approach to employment policy may seem the hardest thing to do but it’s a great place to start making changes.
  • Delivering HR differently.  How HR can deliver in different – and more agile ways and shifting our mindset to marketing not compliance, products not services.

We are not into hierarchy or creating elite programmes. Our programme is practical and uses common sense and so is suitable for anyone who is curious to learn and impatient to make an impact in their HR role.

The programme is not size, industry or sector specific.  For example we have attendees from startups, public sector and charities, through to large global manufacturing, professional services, pharmaceutical, engineering and retail organisations.  The content is pitched so that everyone, no matter where they work can take something from it that they can apply in their current or future HR role..

The programme is delivered by the owners of Disruptive HR,  Lucy Adams, CEO and Karen Moran.

The programme will need a time commitment of approximately 12 hours  

  • 15 Webinars – approx 20 mins each
  • Live Meet & Discuss hosted by Lucy and Karen – fortnightly (optional & recorded) 
  • Assignments  – approx  3 hours.  These are not compulsory or ‘marked’ and so it’s really up to you to decide how long you can or want to dedicate to it. 
  • Club material – optional.  There are lots of resources on the club, including webinars, videos, podcasts and how-to guides that you can consume during the programme and after the programme has ended.

The cost is £1,299.00 plus VAT. This also includes 12 month free membership of the Disruptive HR Club (normal fee: £299 per year).

There are 15 webinars in total (each around 20 mins).  They are pre-recorded for you.  They are purposefully designed to share rich content on the key areas that are important to the HR role. They will give you the very latest thinking, trends, examples from progressive organisations and also practical assignments and ideas you can try out in your role.  They are split into 3 Series

  • Series 1 – Your Role with Leaders 
  • Series 2 – Your Role in the Organisation 
  • Series 3 – You and Your Skills

The live Meet and Discuss are held monthly and are a more informal opportunity to share how you’re getting on, ask questions and network with other attendees ed.

Your 12 month Club Membership starts on the 21 July 2021 when the programme goes live.

When you fill in the booking form you have an option to pay straight away by debit or credit card or tick ‘pay by invoice’ and we will email you an invoice. 

If you are self funding get in touch as we may be able to stagger payments.   

Yes, we can offer a 10% discount for five or more bookings from one organisation.

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