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This is a recording of a webinar from November 2022 from DISRUPTIVE LEADERS.

We look at what it takes to be a leader in today’s disrupted world, share our unique EACH framework (Employees as Adults, Consumers and Human beings), and give you lots of practical ideas and tips to help you increase productivity, engagement and innovation in your team.

DISRUPTIVE LEADERS is a live online platform giving people managers a wide range of practical tools to help them lead their teams brilliantly! 

It works perfectly with the DISRUPTIVE HR CLUB

  • The DISRUPTIVE HR CLUB is for HR professionals- to inspire and give you the practical tools to make change happen within HR
  • DISRUPTIVE LEADERS is for your people managers – to help them change too by giving them the right training, tips and tools


  • Bite-size to fit into their busy lives
  • Practical, not lots of theory
  • Genuinely fresh thinking
  • Multi-media to suit all tastes
  • Produced and delivered by the Disruptive HR team

Content is updated weekly with NEW toolkits, videos and tips, plus a rolling schedule of live training webinars.

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