Disruptive HR will be speaking at:

04/05/2017 Oracle Modern Business Experience, Sydney 11/05/2017 HR NETWORK Conference, Edinburgh 23/05/2017 Legal HR conference, Bedfordshire 25/05/2017 HR Summit, Bucharest 07/06/2017 Learnfest, Lake District 09/06/2017 Fifteen Seconds, Austria 28 & 29/06/2017 HR 360 European Summit, Vienna 06 & 07/07/2017 Beyond HR Forum, Amsterdam 05/10/2017 Træfpunkt HR, Copenhagen, 31/10/2017 HPMA London Conference 28/11/2017 HR Global Summit, Milan
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So, why did we start Disruptive HR?

To be honest it started with a bunch of frustrations. Like many other people, we found ourselves constantly moaning about HR and its lack of impact, so we thought it only fair that we get off our bums and do something about it.

We are excited about the difference HR could make, but when you are working flat out in a busy HR role, you often don’t have the time or the energy to disrupt the old ways of doing things. We genuinely believe we have something new to offer HRDs and CEOs, not because we think we know more than they do, but because together we can achieve amazing things.

Finally, we like each other a lot and we laugh (a lot) – who wouldn’t want to start a business with someone you really enjoy being around?

Lucy Adams - CEO
The Disruptive HR Agency was created by Lucy Adams who has held Board level HR roles for over 10 years, most recently at the BBC. Combining strategic and operational HR expertise with a fresh but practical approach, she aims to put the “human” back into Human Resources.
Karen Moran - Director
Karen has over 20 years of diverse HR expertise that spans start-ups through to established sectors such as telecoms, professional services and media. Karen has extensive hands-on experience of leading and implementing fresh thinking HR initiatives.