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There’s some great tech on the market for L&D – but it can get confusing to make the right choice. Here are our recommendations based on your different needs such a learning experience system or tech to help you manage talent.

Quick overview

Learning Experience Systems

  • Percipio (by Skillsoft):  An intelligent learning experience platform that has a modern, simple, and intuitive design that delivers an immersive learning experience. It has a personalised, learner-centred design which demonstrates the learning impact while driving engagement. Clients include Tata and Deutsche Telekom.
  • Fuse: Cloud-based learning solution designed to support continuous, social, mobile and blended learning. The Fuse platform combines machine learning and artificial intelligence with beautifully-designed tools to enable content curation, creation, and crowdsourcing. Used by over 120 customers worldwide, including Spotify, Adidas, Scandic, Vodafone and Ogilvy.
  • NovoEd: It’s social, collaboration, and mobile capabilities enable you to deliver a more engaging learning experience. Participants learn by collaborating on projects, sharing feedback, and applying new skills to the workplace. This blend of continuous formal and informal learning drives accountability and increases engagement. Customers include GE, KraftHeinz, Comcast among others.
  • Lessonly: Is a powerfully simple learning management software that helps teams learn, practice and do better work.  Features include: easy-to-use lesson creation, insights to track metrics & coaching functionality to give feedback at scale. Customers include US cellular, Cisco. Birchbox among others.
  • LinkedIn Learning ( A MOOC website which helps you provide the right training to every employee through personalized course recommendations based on their job role, skillset and experience level. Clients include Kellogg’s, Allianz, NBC Universal among several others.

Talent Management

  • Gloat: AI-powered internal talent marketplace that fosters personal development while driving growth in your organization. Their clients include Schneider Electric, Unilever, Walmart and Deloitte among others.
  • Fuel 50: Fuel50 mobilizes your talent and delivers AI-driven career path transparency to your people, transforming the way they think about their careers, and delivers skills-forecasting that evolves your workforce of the future. Customers include DHL, Roche, Aon, ebay among many others.
  • Degreed: It is one single, fluid skill development experience that connects workforce learning and career growth to business opportunities. It curates and pushes content that’s relevant, timely and on-demand. Customers include Pepsico, Cisco, T-Mobile among many others.
  • EdCast: An end-to-end skills development, learning, and career management platform. Clients of EdCast include Schneider Electric, Dell, HP among others.
  • Phenom People: Powered by AI, with Phenom Internal Mobility, you can encourage employees to apply for open internal positions, discover professional development opportunities and encourage skills development through tailored on-demand learning programs. Customers include Microsoft, Cigna, Honeywell among other big names.
  • Bridge: The Bridge Employee Development Platform is an integrated and personalized solution for companies that make people the center of their business. The platform enables learning, performance management, career pathing and employee engagement while providing data and insights through user friendly dashboards. Their customers include GE, Unilever, Grant Thornton.
  • An AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform that helps free your workforce-management team from administrative tasks. Eightfold’s AI allows it to focus on complex tasks like guiding employees’ careers, advising company leaders on workforce decisions, recruiting, and improving diversity, equity, & inclusion.. Customers include, Bayer, Capital One among others.


  • Looop: Helps businesses to simplify their training, streamline their content into bite-size bursts of learning, making it easy for employees to take in information and access it when they need it most. Also allows you to create your own training content. The reporting measures both the “usefulness of the learning” and the engagement levels with the learning across the organisation. Clients include Sky, Asos, MoneySuperMarket among others.
  • 360 Learning: This collaborative learning platform helps you transition your L&D team from content creators to course coaches. With 360Learning, teams create, ship and improve courses together. Our easy authoring tool, built-in feedback loops & learning analytics help teams identify which courses are working best, and which need work. Customers include Havas Media, EDF, Stanley Black and Decker among others.
  • Workplace (by Facebook): Workplace by Facebook can be used as a learning platform to lead synchronous collaborative courses. Use familiar features like Groups, Chat, Rooms and Live video broadcasting to get people talking , working and learning together.
  • Microsoft Teams: It is a digital hub that brings together conversations, content and apps in one place to create vibrant learning environments. Allow your employees to learn in the flow of work using using one, streamlined platform: Microsoft Teams.
  • Instilled (by PeopleFluent): This platform provides the simplest way to capture, catalogue, and discover organisational knowledge at scale. Lead your learners to the right content—created by subject matter experts and peer groups—without distractions. Easily create, curate, and share collections of interactive, media-rich content with just a few clicks. Clients include Serco Inc, Union Tanks among others.
  • Donut: Donut helps you create learning opportunities by connecting employees looking to learn new skills with experts inside your org excited to coach them. Run your mentorship programme right from your Slack channel, help employees learn new skills by setting up job shadowing opportunities. or just build supportive networks for knowledge sharing. Clients include Netflix, Buffer and CultureAmp among others.

Other innovative learning platforms:

  • Strivr: Strivr’s Immersive Learning is a groundbreaking training methodology that combines Virtual Reality with advanced learning theory, data science, and spatial design. Their immersive, end-to-end solution includes software, services, content and hardware. Their clients include Walmart, Verizon, BMW among others.
  • Learnerbly: A learning platform that provides your employees the autonomy to spend their learning budget on their learning interests and goals with content from over 200 providers. Customers include GoCardless, Curve, and IDEO.
  • Hive Learning: With opportunities for peer-generated content and social elements like commenting, liking and sharing, Hive Learning enables a modern, mobile, social learning experience.

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