Tanuj Kapilashrami talks about the progressive work HR is doing at Standard Chartered, including HR product design and the employee experience.

Founders of Disruptive HR, Lucy Adams and Karen Moran, talk about the latest trends in Performance Management.

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Lucy talks to Ailsing Tellard, founder of performance management tool Our Tandem about helping employees to own their performance and careers.

Lucy talks to Imola Richards from GE about HR leadership development and sustaining the ability to challenge the status quo.

Lucy talks to Founder of Wow Accountants, Paul Bulpitt, about how to ensure your people live up to your brand.

Lucy talks to Thomas Moeller Lybaek about his role redesigning HR processes for Lego.

Lucy talks to Selina Millstam from Ericsson anout their unique approach to transformational change.

Lucy talks to Catherine Garrod (ex-Sky and founder of Compelling Culture) about how to take fresh approaches to diversity and inclusion.

Lucy talks to Jason Larry, the Global Head of Real Estate at Mondelez about their approach to post-pandemic hybrid workplace.

Lucy talks to Chief People Officer at DAZN, Shaun Conning about non-traditional routes into and approaches to HR