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The Disruptive HR Business Partner Programme

Starting in November and spread over six months

Do you feel that traditional HR training programmes are not equipping you for the world you’re actually working in? Our unique 6-month virtual training programme for HR business partners will give you something that we guarantee you won’t find anywhere else!

Do you feel like you’re not a typical HR person and that the HR training and qualifications available are too old-fashioned and don’t add value to your managers and employees? The Disruptive HR Business Partner Programme will give you everything you need to offer your clients something new, fresh and relevant.

If you’re looking for something different to the traditional, theoretical HR training and qualifications out there, and want to get practical knowledge and skills that will actually help you deliver HR differently, from people who have been in your shoes, then this training is for you.

If you’ve any questions, drop us an email at office@disruptivehr.com

£ 1,399.00 (+VAT)

I am very excited to be a member of the Disruptive HR Business Partner Programme. I am hoping to work with inspiring & visionary HR professionals who are prepared to exchange challenges in thinking and who embrace the changing world in which we live and work in.
People & Culture Transformation Ambassador/Business Partner, Roche


Starting in November and spread over six months our Disruptive HRBP Programme includes: 

  1. Six live, one hour virtual masterclasses* (plus introductory session) delivered by Disruptive HR founders Lucy Adams and Karen Moran. Each session will cover the behavioural changes needed as well as building your knowledge on the latest trends and approaches. All global time zones are accommodated. See below for more detail.
  2. Six two hours follow-up seminars in small groups to review activity set for you during the masterclass. In these virtual seminars you will be provided with expert coaching and challenge from Lucy and Karen as well as building a network of like-minded professionals.
  3. One year’s membership to the Disruptive HR Club giving you access to our exclusive additional support materials on the latest HR trends and innovative practices. Choose from videos, webinars, podcasts, toolkits, and ‘how to guides’ covering a range of subjects from Learning & Development to Performance Management.
  4. A dedicated chat room where you can network and get advice from other delegates on the programme and pose questions to Lucy and the rest of the Disruptive HR team.
  5. A personal online coaching session with Lucy or Karen to work through a personal goal or a specific challenge you’re facing.
  6. A Disruptive HR Business Partner Programme certificate on successful completion of the programme.


We are not into hierarchy or creating elite programmes. Our programme is practical and uses common sense and so is suitable for anyone who is a curious to learn and impatient to make an impact in their HR role. The ideal delegate is someone who has some experience as an HRBP and who is in a current HRBP role.


A certificate from Disruptive HR to confirm your completion of the programme.

More detail on the Virtual Masterclass Webinars*

Each Webinar is one hour long with a follow up two hours seminar session.

Welcome to The Disruptive HRBP Programme
22 October 2020, 1 pm BST

  • How to get the most from the programme
  • What’s expected from you
  • An introduction to your seminar group
  • An overview of each section
  • Initial pre-work

Introduction and the new role of the HRBP
5 November 2020, 1 pm GMT

  • Evaluate your current capability
  • How to build credibility and capability as a HRBP
  • Moving away from operations/ER
  • Understanding the behaviours, skills and attitudes that will make you successful
  • Effective HR structures
  • How to work differently and save money
  • Working in a more agile way
  • Exploring where you’re currently at with our diagnostic toolkit

The new HR Trends and changing world of work
3 December 2020, 1 pm GMT

  • The disruptions to organisations and the implications for HR
  • The EACH model (employees as adults, consumers and human beings)
  • Applying the EACH model in different cultures
  • Implications of Covid 19 on workplace dynamics
  • Policy design for an agile world
  • The balance between customisation and standardisation
  • The role and skill sets of leaders in the new world and how to support them
  • How digital technology is impacting the way we work and the implications for HR

HRBP and the Employee Experience
7 January 2021, 1 pm GMT

  • Learn how to build experiences that are designed around your employees’ real needs and wants
  • How to build and use data and insights on employee experience
  • Find ways to identify, create and use your employee persona
  • Understand how to customise HR
  • Discover how to build your employee experience to reflect your brand
  • Learn how to create compelling ‘moments that matter’ 

HRBP and Performance and Reward
4 February 2021, 1 pm GMT

  • Emerging performance management trends
  • Practical examples of what you can do differently
  • A new total performance framework that’s fit for the future
  • How to train and support your managers
  • The emerging trends in reward
  • How to reward different types of people
  • Supporting managers to help their teams feel appreciated

HRBP and Talent Management 
4 March 2021, 1 pm GMT

  • Hear about a new way of thinking about Talent Management
  • How to move away from the dreaded 9 box grid and what you can do instead
  • Ditch your leadership competency model and focus on new leadership attributes and development ideas
  • Simple but effective ways to move people and develop careers around your organisation
  • How to build Diversity and Inclusion into talent management
  • How to support leaders through a change in approach

Making change happen
1 April 2021, 1 pm BST

  • Using data and insights to create your action plan
  • Convincing and influencing stakeholders
  • Working with leaders to get buy in
  • Using design thinking and behavioural techniques to make your impact
  • Learning from consumer marketing to sell your ideas
  • How to adapt agile design methods to HR
  • How to pilot and experiment effectively

*Recordings available 

Each of the six modules includes pre-course work, masterclass, group seminar and a practical assignment and signposted resources from the Club to work on in your own time.

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