A Box of Meetings

A Box of Meetings is the perfect tool for leaders to get the most from meetings, with and about their team. From the creators of ‘A Box of Conversations’, Disruptive HR brings you A Box of Meetings. As a Team Leader you will want to run and be part of different types of team meetings to achieve certain outcomes. These cards give you all the hints and tips you need to run meetings that cover:

– Objective setting meetings
– Communication meetings
– Team performance reviews
– Talent discussions
– Innovation sessions
– Pay and bonus discussions
– Team learning sessions
– Succession planning
– Collaboration sessions

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Designed using the very latest trends in leadership and what we can learn from some of the most progressive and successful organisations around the world, we have created “A Box of Meetings” which contains simple cards with tips, hints and conversation starters to help you (and your team) to get the most from your meetings.

In the box you’ll find cards with tips, hints and conversation starters for meetings WITH your team:

  • Objective setting and review
  • Team performance review
  • Innovation/Idea generation
  • Learning sessions
  • Collaboration sessions
  • Communication sessions

And cards with tips, hints and conversation starters for meetings ABOUT your team:

  • Talent discussions
  • Pay, bonus and recognition discussions
  • Succession Planning

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