HR Festivity Policy

Lucy Adams on December 15, 2020

HR Festivity Policy

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Christmas is a time when we require all employees to enjoy themselves and, with the adherence to a few simple rules, we fully anticipate this to be possible, even during a pandemic. 

Visibility During the Holidays

Webcams are expected to remain on at all times during the holidays, with the exception of Christmas Day. You may expense eye drops up to the value of £2, with a valid receipt.   


In accordance with the company’s Festivity policy, no paper chains, tinsel, bunting, streamers, banners, balloons or Christmas trees should be visible on video calls as this can look unprofessional. HR policy also prohibits elasticated party hats without a completed risk assessment. 


All ‘Christmas Cakes’, ‘Yule Logs’ and ‘Mince Pies’ must be tested for allergens and a CC (Certified Cake) notice issued. Any employees who are registered as having allergies must be informed by the designated Christmas celebrant, in writing, no less than 11 months prior, that a potentially hazardous cake will be on the premises. *NB. Any cake without a CC notice will be removed from the premises and destroyed in a controlled explosion. 


Music licensing law does not permit the singing of ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ (or other seasonal carols on the black-list) over a video call. Humming and/or whistling ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ is only permitted off-camera with a muted microphone. 


Any Christmas gifts must be registered with the Anti-Corruption Department and be opened by Security beforehand. Wrapping paper may be used but, due to the risk of paper cuts when unwrapping, safety gloves must be worn. Wrapping should only take place in your own time.  Please note that the use of Elves to assist you at this time of year is a strict contravention of company’s Anti-Slavery Policy.  

Secret Santa 

Any ‘Secret Santa’ gift giving may only take place once a full disclosure list of participants and receivable gifts has been submitted to your line manager and distributed to all colleagues. 

Xmas Cards 

Phrases used in seasonal printed materials (Christmas cards) e.g. ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’ or ‘Have a wonderful Christmas’ must be accompanied by an enclosed printed caveat that these statements are purely those of the individual and do not represent the views of the company. 

Thank you for your cooperation. HR wishes you a Merry Christmas*. 

*Please note these ‘wishes’ are not legally binding and HR in no way guarantees any employee a ‘Merry Christmas’.  

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