Karen Moran
January 12, 2022
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Organisations across the world are sitting up and taking notice of what steps they can take towards creating an inclusive culture where everyone can do the best work of their lives. We’ve put together a few tips and an example of a Head of Diversity job spec to help you get started.

Let’s start by summarising the new approaches to Diversity & Inclusion:

  • Inclusive organisations are using data and insights about people’s differences to help them customise their approaches to communications, engagement, development and leadership, etc to ensure their particular needs, wants and preferences are accommodated.
  • Companies are rejecting the big diversity programmes in favour of getting to the small behavioural nudges which add up to a real cultural change. Whilst this approach may not make as much noise as a big initiative, it has a much more sustained impact and can help leaders engage much more easily.
  • Organisations are starting to invest more in helping people to have conversations which enable greater understanding, increase empathy and provide a safe environment to explore how it might be different. 
  • We’re seeing some really innovative practices that make it easier for leaders to do the right and different thing. For example, several companies are using the technique known as ‘reframing’ to help overcome our natural biases. If an idea or belief is presented in a new way or ‘reframed’, then it can help us shift our behaviour in response to it. Another example involves using technology to help eliminate bias.

Here is an example Job Spec for a Head of Diversity

Job spec – Head of Diversity

A tremendous opportunity to play a part in developing the diversity, inclusion, and engagement roadmap that allows everyone at (name your company) to achieve their full potential and grow without boundaries. 

We are looking for a passionate individual to design and deliver our Diversity strategy and to help us evolve our inclusive culture.

Outcomes for the role:

  • Collaborates closely with the wider HR team, business leaders and other internal champions to influence and propel diversity efforts while driving leadership accountability from the top
  • Breaks down the walls of communication, gets people together and facilitates important conversations around backgrounds, experiences and perspectives
  • Applies research and data analytics to understand how things currently work within the business and drives the changes needed to attract, hire, motivate and retain our diverse and talented employees
  • Experiments with D&I solutions apart from big change programmes
  • Works closely with the HR team to develop training to educate employees and managers on how to recognise and respond to any form of bias within the organisation
  • Works alongside Talent Acquisition to diversify talent pipelines and develop an insights-driven and strategic global plan for diversity recruitment.
  • Works closely with Internal comms to develop a communications framework that is inclusive for all

The person we’re looking for:

  • Has excellent communication and negotiation skills to communicate complex and potentially emotionally laden D&I topics in a clear and inspiring way across various audiences
  • Is an excellent networker to effectively engage with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders
  • Has an understanding of how to influence and drive changes in behaviour. Could be you know about behaviourial economics or neuro-science – and you know how to put these approaches into practice
  • Has excellent analytical skills to analyse and interpret data and drive actions based on it
  • Is passionate about Diversity & Inclusion with knowledge of the latest trends and best practices in Diversity & Inclusion
  • Takes a coaching and collaborative approach to working with others
  • Enjoys delivering as part of a team
  • Has the ability to make quick, sound decisions based on knowledge and judgment

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