Disruptive HR will be speaking at:

04/05/2017 Oracle Modern Business Experience, Sydney 11/05/2017 HR NETWORK Conference, Edinburgh 23/05/2017 Legal HR conference, Bedfordshire 25/05/2017 HR Summit, Bucharest 07/06/2017 Learnfest, Lake District 09/06/2017 Fifteen Seconds, Austria 28 & 29/06/2017 HR 360 European Summit, Vienna 06 & 07/07/2017 Beyond HR Forum, Amsterdam 05/10/2017 Træfpunkt HR, Copenhagen, 31/10/2017 HPMA London Conference 28/11/2017 HR Global Summit, Milan
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In-house workshops

Our in-house workshops are popular with HR teams that want to:

  • Learn about the very latest trends and innovation in HR
  • Do HR differently
  • Review if they have the right skills for the future
  • Kick start new projects or ways of working
  • Design a new People Strategy with a disruptive edge

To give you an idea we’ve included an example of what a
one day event might look like.

Download an example of our in-house workshop

  • " THANK YOU for a great session yesterday – you absolutely nailed it."
  • "Lucy’s insights and refreshing provocation left the audience truly inspired and enthused. It has given us food for thought that we are still talking about weeks after the event!"
  • "You were the best speaker we have had to date. You were great fun too."