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Digital Talent Podcast

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Whatever your sector, we’re all technology companies now. The need to attract and build a digital capability is one of the key challenges for all leaders and HR professionals. How do you make yourself attractive to digital talent when they have so many other choices? How do you retain them? How do you integrate them into traditional businesses?

CEO of Disruptive HR Lucy Adams explores these questions, with the help of two HR professionals who have faced these challenges and have succeeded; Steve Cadigan (ex-VP of LinkedIn) and Karen Bowes (HR Director, Capital One).

Leadership: Disrupted Podcast

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CEO of Disruptive HR Lucy Adams talks about leadership and explores the role of HR in leadership assessment and development. She’s joined by Russell Saunders, a Partner with the leading consultancy Inchigo.

HR Design:Disrupted Webinar

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We know that many of you are thinking about how to shape your HR team to meet new business needs, reduce costs and improve client service. The challenge to the traditional structures based around the Business Partner, Centres of Expertise and Transactional Services is becoming more pronounced as HR seeks to stay ahead of the demands placed upon it.

We also know there are some exciting developments out there as HR teams respond to:

  • The changing nature of work and emerging HR technologies
  • The new thinking around talent communities and career paths
  • The need for greater collaboration and employee customisation

We will share the latest thinking and offer some fresh ideas on HR design for you and your team.

Talent:Disrupted Webinar

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The pace of change means that many of the traditional processes we use in HR for managing talent such as the 9 box grid and succession planning are not giving us what we need. This workshop explores the reasons why we need to update our approach to talent management and gives you the latest ideas on how to:

  • ensure your talent management reflects the changing nature of work
  • innovate your approach to career development
  • create greater movement across your organisation
  • customise your talent management for different needs

Appraisals:Disrupted Webinar

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Tired of having to do time-consuming, soul-sucking, energy-draining appraisals?

Not convinced that your company’s annual appraisal system delivers any benefits?

Interested in finding out how it could be different?

Join other frustrated HR experts, CEOs, MDs and people managers, who don’t want to lose any more of their lives to the annual misery and find out:

  • The truth about why appraisals don’t work
  • How to convince your organisation to try something new
  • What your competition are doing


Reward:Disrupted Webinar

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Aimed at those of you who have a desire to ditch the annual appraisal scheme, but are finding the link between performance and pay is holding you back.

We can show you how you can still have a robust approach to reward, but one that will actually drive better performance and motivation.

Join other frustrated HR experts, CEOs, MDs and people managers to find out:

  • The facts about why our traditional approaches to reward are not working and what your competition are doing instead
  • Real life examples of alternative ways to deliver the annual salary review and individual bonuses that actually drive better performance and motivation amongst your team.
  • Ideas to take back to your HR department about how to start making the changes.

Internal Comms:Disrupted Webinar

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