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  • Launching first in the US Google for Jobs will help people find jobs faster with a better personal fit. Great news for job hunters, but also for employers as they are likely to get fewer but more appropriate candidates.  Let’s hope they can spend that time on giving candidates a delightful experience!

  • We’re not surprised that many of the most progressive businesses have moved away from a hierarchical structure to something more fluid. If your organisation structure is slowing you down Corporate Rebels have got some great suggestions on what to do instead.

  • If your organisation is big on recognition but you are a bit tired of pedalling “employee of the month” check out these creative ideas from TinyPulse.  They are not just simple but also won’t break the bank.

  • Jacob Morgan is all about the employee experience. He puts it down to: culture, technology and physical workspace . Take the test for your organisation and have a peak at who are top of the class

  • So we’re guessing you have already moved away from the static annual performance review? Develapme is an app which enables your people to give and receive real time feedback anywhere, anytime.

  • Annual engagement surveys are a big NO!  ‘Always on’ surveys get our vote! We like how these providers are leading the way  – TinyPulse, Culture Amp and Glint

  • Connect everyone in your company and turn ideas into action? A site everyone will actually want to log on to? Facebook we have been waiting for you to develop Workplace since Yammer first came on the scene!

  • Finding it hard to get the talent you need?  There are online sites springing up which match freelance talent to employers. Try People Per hour and Fliffr. This is the new world of work and we LOVE it!

  • Having some doubts about traditional training?  Stop wasting your L&D budget and make learning more in tune with the way people live now – quick, short and personalised. Partner up with providers such as Grovo and LinkedIn Learning

  • We’re excited about this company!  They’re called Talent Rocket. They have developed a cool recruitment platform aimed at start ups and SMEs who are serious about culture fit. It’s enough to make anyone working in a dull corporate jump ship!

  • We all love a job with perks. Imagine a simple app that lets you reward and recognise your people, but also supports their health and well being? Check out  LifeworksPerkbox and Achievers – you’d be crazy not to?

  • A frightening statistic from the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer telling us that credibility of CEOs fell by 12 points this year to 37 percent globally. Download the full report here and check out Lucy’s blogs for ideas.

  • Simon Sinek – what a guy! Have a look at this video on Millennials in the workplace and see if you can get your leaders to watch it too!

  • Are your senior leaders engaging with your people through social media? Latest research from Edelman shows that 75% of the highest rated CEOs are. Check out their analysis and and top tips here

  • We think Josh Bersin talks so much sense. See his latest predictions for HR technology in 2017

  • Stay ahead of the game this year.  Forbes keeps you posted on the very latest in HR and leadership including this article on workplace trends in 2017

  • Looking back we feel slightly embarrassed about the time we spent measuring leaders against long winded competency frameworks. Focus on their strengths and offer practical support so they can be a bit better every day.  Check out this guide “How To Be A Good Leader” from Officevibe.

  • Here at Disruptive HR we bang on a lot about the role of HR in creating the best employee experience. This agency Vignette have some fantastic advice in their blogs, starting with this one Why good design is good for your business – and employee experience.

  • Are our businesses open to a different model of workers, you know the ones you don’t own Monday to Friday 9-5? The freelancer community is growing fast, so get thinking about how you can make it work, if not you will be missing out on some great talent.

  • Great managers are not perfect, but what often makes them great is self-awareness. These 5 Ted talks are perfect for anyone wishing to improve their Emotional Intelligence

  • If you need hard evidence to convince you it’s time to re-invent HR download the latest research from Josh Bersin

  • If you are about to buy an LMS – STOP!  Grovo talk here about the 5 Tech Developments changing the LMS forever – hooray we say!

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